Terms of Use

  1. The “Brit Mila Tova” site, http://www.kittobrit.com is an informative and sales site on the Internet, which offers information and products connected to the Jewish ceremony of brit mila (henceforth: “the site”). The site was established, is managed and maintained by “Brit Yisrael Ltd., Private Company no. 513793323” (henceforth: “the company”).
  2. An exclusive and preliminary condition for using the site is the user’s agreement to observe the conditions of use as below. The use of the site and absence of explicit, written disagreement with the conditions of use, demonstrates unequivocal agreement on the part of the user to the conditions of use, and the user’s commitment to act according to them, without reservation.
  3. Definitions – The concepts below will bear the meaning listed after each one. “The information” – for example, but not limited to: all the content and/or materials presented in the site in all types of media at all, including any text, picture, graphics, drawing, sketch, illustration, logo, trademarks, photographs, films, audio and video clips, recordings, still photos, including the manner of design of the above, including and without detracting from the generality of the aforesaid; recommendations, professional and non-professional opinions, reports, articles, news reports, professional databases, databases of service providers, advertisements, links to other sites, and so forth.

“User” – any person and/or body and/or factor that enters the site and/or the forum and uses them in any way including purchasing products and/or services for a fee, whether as a “customer” (as defined in clause 13 below) or as a random surfer.

“Product” – any of the products and/or services that are sold on the site, including but not limited to the “Brit Mila Tova” kit (henceforth: “the kit”).

“Business days” – Israeli work days from Sunday to Thursday, not including national holidays, eves of Jewish religious holidays and Jewish religious holidays.


Company’s waiver of responsibility

  1. The company is released of all responsibility in connection with the use of the site, the information appearing in it, the forum, and the other public areas in the site, and will not bear responsibility in any way for use of them. Use of the site, the content, the forum and the public areas of the site is the exclusive responsibility of the user.


  1. The company hereby announces that the information published on the site must be related to carefully and with proper examination. This is especially so with reference to information derived from third parties or information about sensitive topics, such as, but not limited to: Judaism and halacha, brit mila, health and medicine, psychology, economics, law, children and so forth. The responsibility for checking the veracity and accuracy of the materials appearing on the site in general, and the advertisements of professionals and service providers, is the user’s alone. The user hereby states that s/he knows that although the company does its best to provide correct and accurate information, there may be a fault and/or mistake and/or inaccuracy in the information and/or in the mode of its transfer to the users. The company will not take responsibility in any way for the information presented on the site.
  2. In the name of caution alone, it must be noted that the information presented on the site does not constitute in any way a substitute for professional advice from licensed mohels, licensed rabbis and/or the relevant, authorized professionals (henceforth: “the licensed elements”). Even though the “licensed elements” may state their opinion on the various relevant subjects on the site, this does not change the fact that all the information included on the site represents general information alone, and is not a substitute for a professional, personal opinion for a specific case.

The above is especially true when the customer service of the company and/or the site is asked a professional question by a customer, through the forum and/or the telephone, and expresses their personal opinion, out of their personal experience, in all that is connected to the brit mila and/or related topics.


It is the user’s obligation and responsibility to obtain professional, personal, and specific advice before any action that relies on information from the site and/or before any action that is directly and/or indirectly connected to the topics presented in the site and/or topics on which the customer service personnel give their personal opinion. The company does not accept responsibility in any way towards the readers and/or users of the site for direct and/or indirect reliance on the information presented on the site and/or information transmitted by the customer service personnel of the company and/or the site.


  1. The company does not give sponsorship and/or express an opinion about the precision and/or accuracy of the products, services, statements, opinion, advice and/or all other information presented on the site and/or whose access to it is made possible through the site, whether through the site itself or by factors advertising their wares on the site (henceforth: “the advertised information”). The users declare that they are aware that all reliance on the advertised information will be made according to their discretion and at their exclusive responsibility.

This is especially true for the disc Tzurba Merabanan (a disc for viewing with an attached explanatory booklet – henceforth: “the disc”), which is ownerd and published by Tzurba Merabanan, the Higher Institute for Teaching Halacha, Kerem Be’Yavneh, D.N. Evtach, tel: 08-8562007, extension 211. The company does not take responsibility in any way for this disc, its content, the pictures in it, the advice given in it and/or the accuracy and professional veracity and/or general veracity of the information in the disc in any way (henceforth: “the information”). Moreover, the company accepts no responsibility for the quality of the disc, or for any damage or faults which may be caused to any equipment into which the disc may be inserted, both directly and indirectly.

The responsibility for the use of the disc and/or performing any actions and/or making decisions of any kind which rely on the information in the disc, is the exclusive responsibility of the user.

  1. The company takes no responsibility of any kind for the content found on the site or any end instrument in which its content appears, their content, credibility, accuracy, reliability, and effect on the computers of surfers on the site. The company also denies any responsibility for any damage, inconvenience, loss, distress and any other results, both direct and indirect, which may be caused to the users, to their property and/or to any third party because of use of these contents.


  1. 9.       Intellectual property


All information presented on the site, including and not limited to: the pages and/or content present and/or made available for viewing and/or made available for downloading from the site and/or databases on the site (henceforth: the presented information”), is the sole property of the company.


“Rights to intellectual property” on the site (as defined henceforth) are under the ownership and/or exclusive control of the company and/or another third party unless explicitly stated otherwise. Therefore, any use of the presented content, in an unauthorized way (as detailed above), is absolutely prohibited, unless the company has explicitly expressed its agreement to the person appealing, in advance and in writing.


“Rights to intellectual property” including, but not limited to: copyrights (copyrights according to the laws of the State of Israel and/or international accords and/or copyright laws of other countries), trademarks, designs, databases, patents, know-how, secret information and collection of information on the surfers.

The information on the site is presented for the service of the surfing public, is only for private use, and under no circumstances is for commercial use (henceforth: the “permitted use”). The user may watch, study, read and/or download the advertised contents on the site, and this is only for “permitted use”.


Any use, reproduction and/or replication and/or distribution and/or scanning and/or publishing and/or copying and/or public presentation and/or transmission of the information published on the site, in any place other than the site and/or through any other medium and/or any other means, including, but not limited to: mail, fax, email or other digital means (henceforth: “advertising in other places”), whether for compensation or not, are absolutely prohibited, unless there is advance, written authorization from the company (henceforth: “the authorization”).

In order to obtain the authorization for publicizing the information in other locations, please contact the company:

Brit Mila Company Ltd., Moshav Havatzelet HaSharon, 11, Derech Haim Street, POB 20, zip 42937

Telephone: 09-7885379

Fax: 09-8875765

Email: office@byisrael.co.il


Use and advertising of the information in the site, in other sites on the Internet (henceforth: “the copied information”), this information only, will be permitted under the following conditions, when they are implemented cumulatively:

  1. The logo of the company will appear beside “the copied information” as it appears on the company website, clearly and in a prominent position.
  2. A link will appear beside the copied information that leads to the relevant page on the companywebsite where the original copied information appears. Next to the link there will be an explanation which will clarify that the copied information has been copied from the company’s site to which the link leads.
  3. In any case, it is definitely prohibited to carry out any development and/or change and/or omission and/or distortion and/or translation and/or transformation of the copied information. The user is required and committed to leave the information in its original content and wording.
  4. The user is required and committed to leave the copied information, together with any messages related to copyrights and ownership of the content and information, as it is published on the site. If it is not stated that the copyrights and ownership of the content and information belong to another third party, the user will state, next to the copied information and in a clear and prominent position, that the copyrights and/or any other intellectual property related to the copied information, belong exclusively to the company.


  1. Hyperlinks to other sites that are not the site


On the site, you may find hyperlinks and/or references that link to information sources and/or other services found on the web and that are not related, either directly or indirectly, to the company and/or to the site (henceforth: “foreign sites”). Some of the foreign sites will appear under a name and/or brand name and/or logo that include the company’s logo, but are not operated and/or maintained under the company’s supervision.


By presenting hyperlinks on the site, the company does not express support and/or patronage either expressly and/or generally, about the content and information and/or copied services in the objectives of the hyperlinks. The company removes all responsibility in connection to any matter and/or result and/or damage that may stem from the use of the hyperlink destinations.


Special attention must be paid to the charter of privacy on each site to which the hyperlink leads. As said above, the company has no connection or responsibility for the conditions of use and/or charter of privacy of the hyperlink destinations. It is of utmost importance that you read and thoroughly check the charter of privacy of each one of the sites before you give personal details and/or other information on the new site that you reach. The company cannot and will not be responsible for protecting details and information that you give to these sites.


  1. Advertising


The company is not responsible in any way and/or any manner for the advertisements on the site. Advertising on the site does not indicate the company’s sponsorship and/or responsibility and/or obligation in connection with the advertiser, the product and/or the advertised service, its quality, its correctness and/or accuracy.


  1. Paid services


Some of the services in the site, such as Brit Mila Tova Shop (henceforth: “the shop”), are offered for payment. A user who purchased a product from the shop (henceforth: “the customer”) will carry out the payment through the PayPal payment service, which provides, as far as the company knows, maximum protection for the payments carried out on the internet.


At the same time, and in the light of the fact that this is an internet service, it is never possible to ensure complete immunity from infiltration and stealing of customer data. We therefore offer the user the option to purchase services by telephone at 09-7885379.

To remove all doubt, the company will not be responsible towards the user for any kind of damage and/or injustice, criminal and/or civil, that is caused to the user and/or another third party, both directly and indirectly, in connection with the payments that the user has made through the internet, and this is the exclusive responsibility of the user alone.


The products offered for sale on the site are those presented at the time that the order is carried out. The pictures of the products on the site are for illustration alone. If any picture is faulty or inaccurate, the company will bear no responsibility at all in relation to this.


In everything related to cancelling a transaction made between the user and the company, the directions detailed in the “directions for cancelling a transaction” which are published on the site on a separate directory will be valid.


Beside each product listed for sale is the price. All products whose cost is advertised on the site in New Israeli Shekels include VAT, while the prices shown in American dollars are without VAT.


Orders sent to foreign addresses will not include VAT, while orders sent inside Israel will include VAT.


The prices shown do not include shipping expenses.


Every person or organization is entitled to order and purchase the products on the site, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The user is an adult, is not disqualified by law, and is capable of carrying out binding actions.
  2. The user has a valid credit card.
  3. The user orders the company’s products for personal use alone (and not for commercial/wholesale use).


Under no circumstances will the company and/or its workers be responsible for specific, direct, indirect, accidental and or resultant damage, either single or multiple, which results from customer use of the product.


In any event, the company will not be responsible toward the customers according to the laws of contracts, damages or any other law beyond the amount paid by the customer for the product purchased.


In any event, the company will not be responsible for any demand, loss, cost, expenses and any type of responsibility whether directly or indirectly, from damage and/or injury that occurred to the person and/or the product ensuing from the use of the product that was purchased from the store.


Within the framework of receiving the “services for payment”, the user is required to give correct and accurate details about him/herself. Giving false personal details constitutes a felony according to the penal code of 5737 – 1977. For your information, provision of any details is performed according to your free will alone, and you have no obligation to do so. However, failure to provide details as said will not allow use of certain services on the site.


  1. The forum on the site


According to its exclusive discretion, the company will operate the site, a forum and other public areas (henceforth: “the forum”). Users are invited to send, transfer and/or to present any information, document, message and/or other materials to the forum (henceforth: “external information”).


In light of the fact that the company cannot supervise and/or control and/or prevent in advance publication of the “external information” on the site, the company will not bear any responsibility in connection with harmful, illegal, unauthorized and/or unsuitable messages sent by the users.


Note that for the external information that is uploaded by the user, the company will deliver to a relevant and licensed third party any information that will be demanded by law.


By sending “external information” as said, the user commits to refrain from uploading, retrieving, broadcasting, disseminating and/or advertising any information and/or any other material:


  1. That constitutes an infraction or concern of infraction of the laws of the State of Israel, or in any way encourages and/or solicits and/or assists in carrying out an offence and/or misdeed and/or crime.
  2. That may limit and/or prevent others from using the site.
  3. That is prohibited for advertisement and/or use, and that is within the realm of: harming the feelings of the individual and/or the public, content of a racial nature, harassment, threat, harm, insult, libel, slander, pornography and/or any other vulgar expression.
  4. That may expose the personal details of another user or anyone else.
  5. That is email and commercial messages, email and messages meant for a circulation group, chain letters, spam, mail and messages meant for many addressees who did not explicitly ask in advance to receive them (unsolicited bulk mail) and so forth.
  6. That is any type of information related to minors and identifies them, their personal details and/or their address and how to contact them.
  7. That may violate the property rights of another person, including, but not limited to: intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademarks, patents, rights for protection of privacy and/or any other right.
  8. That includes a virus and/or any other program that may sabotage a computer, including hostile programs, Trojan horses, worms, vandals, malicious applications and so forth.
  9. That has an advertising and/or commercial character without the explicit and advance written permission of the company.


All the above in this clause will henceforth be called “prohibited external information” or “unauthorized use”.


The company reserves the inherent right to edit, delete, remove and/or refuse to publish on the site any prohibited external information and/or that which violates the site’s conditions of use in any way, and this is the exclusive judgment of the company. Moreover, in the case of a user committing an unauthorized use, the company has the right, according to its exclusive consideration, to bar entry of the same user to the forum and/or the site, and the violating user will be prevented from making any claim against the company in this matter.


“The external information” that is advertised by the visitors to the site does not reflect the policy and/or opinion and/or attitude of the company, and its advertising on the site does not in any way obligate the company in responsibility of any kind.


The user hereby declares and agrees that any external information that is sent by him/her (except for personal details, which are regulated in the charter of privacy), may be used, copied, disseminated, publicly implemented, licensed to a third party, advertised, translated for compensation and/or not for compensation and/or for deletion by the company, and hereby relinquish any claim in connection with external information that is sent by them to the site.


The users hereby declare and agree that by uploading external information to the site, they hereby give the company the unlimited and irreversible license to use the external information in any action, according to the discretion of the company, subjugate to the orders of these conditions of use. The users hereby relinquish any claim and/or prosecution against the company in connection with violation of the rights of ownership and/or privacy and/or any other right in anything related to the “external information” uploaded by them to the site.


The user is aware that the “external information” that is published on the site is not protected in any way, and the onus of keeping confidentiality of the “external information” transmitted by them to the site, is theirs and theirs alone.


The company cannot know what reactions and/or messages the user may receive from other users due to the “external information” uploaded by him/her. Therefore, the company will not bear any responsibility, in any way, for any result and/or damage that may be caused to someone who uploaded “external information” to the site.


The “external information” uploaded to the site by any user is the intellectual property of the user and all the statutory precepts of the law of copyrights and/or intellectual property apply. At the same time, the company reserves the right to publish parts of the user’s external information in various places on the site and outside of it as it shall see fit, with no obligation to announce its intention to do so in advance, and without compensating the owner of the external information in any way.


The company has no way of verifying that the information transmitted on the forum is complete and accurate. Therefore, use of the information and advice given on the forum will be the responsibility of the user alone, whether these were given by other users or by representatives of the company, and the company will not be responsible for any damage of any kind that will be caused to the surfer and/or to any other third party as a result of use of the information.


The users may upload to the site only “external information” that belongs to them, or “external information” whose intellectual property owners have given him explicit and written permission (henceforth: ” third party information”). A user who uploads third party information will explicitly state who the rights owners are, and the existence of permission for publication. The permission will be presented to the company immediately upon request. In case of any doubt about the existence of the permission and until its presentation to the company, the “external information” will be deleted, and the user will be able to return the “external information” to the forum after presenting the aforesaid permission. Despite all of the above, the responsibility for upholding the law is the user’s and only the user’s.


In addition, the company reserves the right to delete any “external information” according to its discretion, or to transfer it to an archive that is inaccessible to the users after a period of time, or when the quantity of information will obligate such an action.


  1. Changes and faults in the services of the site


The site is in now undergoing growth and development , and is continually making changes and improvements for the users. The company reserves the right to make any changes in the structure of the site and its content, without an individual announcement about this to the users. In the framework of the changes and improvements, there may be problems and disruptions on the site and forum. The company apologizes in advance for all damage and/or inconvenience caused to the users, but bears no responsibility for damage and/or distress caused as a result of any problems.


Special attention must be paid to the fact that most of the company’s services to the users are given free of charge or compensation, and therefore the company reserves the right to cease giving the service at any time and without any individual announcement in advance to the users. As far as possible, an announcement about cessation of services will be transmitted, if valid, within the site itself. The site’s services are given as is, and the users will not have the right to make any claims as to their character, continuity and nature.


  1. Charter of privacy


In order to improve the services given on the site, the company will be entitled to collect the details transmitted by the user of his own free will for its database.


The users who leave their personal information in the designated location in the site system must note in the designated field appearing next to the personal information field whether he agrees that the company send “advertising material” (as defined below) to the email address s/he provides for receiving updates about sales and/or services and products offered by the company and/or third parties with which the company is in contact (henceforth: “authorization to receive advertising material”).


Users who authorize receipt of advertising material will have the opportunity with all advertising material sent to them by the company, as said above, to ask to be removed from the company’s circulation list. This will be performed by pressing a designated link which will appear following any advertising material (henceforth: “announcement of removal”). As soon as the removal message is received, the company will cease sending the advertising material to the user’s email address.


“Advertising material” – as defined in clause 30a(a) of the law of communications (Bezek and broadcasting) 5768-2008.


Moreover, the company will be entitled to use its database for analyzing and transmitting statistical information to third parties, including advertisers and other marketing goals. This information will not identify the users in person and/or their personal information that they leave in the system, and will not include “sensitive information” as defined in the Privacy Protection Law of 5741-1981.


It is known and agreed that when the user inputs data on the site, an identifying file (cookie) will be sent to the user’s computer and this is in order to identify the user while he is surfing on the site, with the goal of improving the services of the site. The users have the possibility of blocking the reception of cookies by changing the definition of their personal browser, and this is under their responsibility alone.

The possibility of collecting statistics and information about users will remain in the company’s possession in order to adapt the surfing on the site to their needs. The company commits to refraining from selling user information to advertising companies for the purpose of using them for a distribution list. However, the company does not commit itself by this to preventing advertising companies and/or any other third party from collecting details that are readily visible on the site.

  1. Updates and changes on the site

At any time and for any reason, the company may carry out changes and/or updates in these conditions of use, including, but not limited to: conditions of sale of products and/or services, in the charter of privacy and more.

By using the site, you agree to submit to the conditions of use at all times and you must update yourselves regarding any changes that made in the conditions of use. On the last page of the conditions of use, at its end, will appear the date on which the conditions of use were last updated.

The company reserves the exclusive right to make any change at any time and for any reason on the site, without any advance notice and without any responsibility on its part.

The company reserves the exclusive right to change and/or add and/or remove any materials advertised on the site, to redesign it and change its content,as it sees fit and according to its own exclusive discretion.

  1. Responsibility and compensation on the part of the user

The user hereby states and undertakes to bear responsibility for and/or compensate the company for any damage that may be caused to it, including but not limited to: prosecution, damage and/or loss (including legal costs) that occur as a result of: use, unsuitable and/or wrong use, interference and/or failure and/or any action prohibited by the Computer Law of 5755-1995, the Privacy Protection Law of 5741-1981, the Law for the Prohibition of Slander 5725-1965, the Law of Commercial Injustices 5759-1999, the Order of Damages 5728-1968 and/or according to any law, which stem from use on the site and/or through it, of the information on it and/or its content and/or products and/or its services.

The company reserves the exclusive right to cease immediately the user’s use of the site and/or its services at any time, according to the company’s exclusive discretion, if the user violates the conditions of use and/or charter of privacy and/or any other law, statute and/or other ruling and/or if the company decides, according to its exclusive discretion that the user has carried out unsuitable or unreasonable use of the site.

  1. Waiver of claims and/or rights

Delay in implementing proceedings or utilization of rights, without connection to the duration of the delay, will not constitute a waiver or abolition of the company’s rights. Waiver of any right in the framework of any proceeding will not obligate the company in the framework of additional proceedings derived from and/or continuing the proceedings in other courts.

  1. Legality of the agreement in the case of illegal stipulation

If a condition or stipulation in this agreement is determined by a legal court or any other authorized legal jurisdictional body as illegal or unenforceable, the rest of the conditions and claims in this agreement will remain valid.

If part of the conditions or stipulations of this agreement will be determined by a legal court or any other authorized legal jurisdictional body as illegal or unenforceable, or are deleted, the rest of the conditions and stipulations will remain valid.

  1. The law applying to jurisdictional authority

Use of the site, including these “conditions of use”, ” shipping policy for ordered products” and “directives for cancelling transactions” (henceforth: “conditions of use and their adjuncts”), are all subject solely to the laws of the State of Israel. Every claim and/or demand and/or prosecution that bear upon the conditions of use and their adjuncts and/or use of the site, will be under the exclusive jurisdictional authority of the authorized court in Netanya and if necessary, of a court in the center of the country.


Accompanying products for brit mila kit:

1. Coalgan bandage – stops bleeding in a second. Recommended for use during the brit, and to keep at home after the brit. If bleeding begins, simply place the bandage on the wound and the bleeding stops. When the bandage has completed its efficacy, it falls of by itself.

2. Esracain – local anesthetic cream. Apply one hour before the brit.

3. Bepanthen Plus – cream for treatment and healing. For use after the brit.

4. Brit Pillow – high-quality, luxury pillow for use during the brit. May be used for the coming generations as well.

5. Spices – palm-size hamsa for use during the brit ceremony. May also be used for havdala and as a keepsake from the brit.

6. Kiddush wine  – bottle of kasher le-mehadrin Kiddush wine.

7. Disc of piyyutim and songs – audio disc of singing mohels to enliven any event. For all religious backgrounds.

8. Preparation kit for brit mila – includes booklet and DVD. Emotional and spiritual preparation for the ceremony, by Tzurba Merabanan.