Shipping Policy

The shipping policy of ordered goods – Brit Mila site (henceforth: “the policy”)

  1. This policy supplements the “conditions of use in the Brit Mila site” and constitutes an integral part of the conditions of use of the site.
  2. “The company” – Brit Mila Yisrael Ltd., company registration number 513793323.
  3. Customer – as defined in clause 13 of the site use conditions.
  4. Business days – workdays from Sunday to Thursday, not including national holidays, eves of Jewish holidays and Jewish holidays.
  5. Unless stated otherwise, shipping rates for products are as follows:

Postage in Israel:
Supply time: the service is provided by courier service or express delivery of the Israel Postal Service, according to the conditions and rules of the Israel Postal Service. Supply times are dependent on the Israel Postal code as specified in the attached links.
Below is a link to the courier service of the Israel Postal Service:
Below is a link to the express services of the Israel Postal Service:
Cost of shipping: 40 NIS including VAT
Shipping abroad:
According to company policy, to be determined according to the relevant destination.

The customer may collect the ordered product from the company’s offices at the following address, and in this case the customer will not have to pay shipping charges (henceforth: “self-collection”).
Customers choosing self-collection will note at the time of order that they do not need shipping.
Self-collection is possible only after coordination with the company’s customer service department.
Company address:
Brit Mila Company Ltd
Moshav Havatzelet HaSharon
11 Derech HaYam Street
P.O.B. 20
Zip code: 42937
Tel: ++972-9-7885379
Fax: ++972-9-8875765

  1. As far as the matter is dependent on the company, the company will make every logical and reasonable effort to supply the products according to the above timetables, however, the company will not be responsible for failing to keep to the stated times. Delays in supply whose source is the customer, including but not limited to a delay because of a difficulty in contacting the customer during usual work hours, will not be considered a violation of the obligation to provide the product on time. The customer hereby waives any claim and/or demand from the company due to a delay in sending the products.
  2. Because of the security situation in Israel, it may happen that the courier services used by the company refuse to deliver products to certain communities into which entrance is dangerous for the messenger. In such a case, the courier service will be entitled, but not obligated, to coordinate the transfer of the product to the customer in an agreed location that is acceptable to both parties.
  3. The company will not be responsible for any inability to deliver the products as a result of unforeseen circumstances and which are not under the company’s control, including, but not limited to: force majeure, wars, riots, embargos, civil or military revolt, fire, floods, accidents, strikes, lack of raw material or means of conveyance, lack of fuel or energy, or lack of manpower.

In the case of a delay due to one of the above circumstances, the company will be entitled to delay its obligations for a period equivalent to that of the delay.

  1. Orders from Israel to abroad:

A customer who orders a product abroad must take into consideration that there may be taxed levied and/or payments because of the shipping, but these are not included in the price stated alongside of the product on the site (henceforth: “foreign taxes”). The ordering customer bears responsibility for paying these taxes abroad in order to receive the ordered product.
Some countries that do not permit some products to be brought into their borders, such as, but not limited to: food products, cosmetics, or jewelry. In such cases the order may be delayed or even returned to Israel. The company bears no responsibility for delay and/or damage that may be caused to the customer and/or any other third party due to this.
The company also bears no responsibility for delays that may be caused at the relevant border crossing points.

  1. The company reserves the right, exclusively and according to its own considerations, at any time and for any reason, to implement changes and/or updates in the conditions of the policy.

A customer who orders products form the site in any way hereby agrees to be subject to everything stated in the conditions of policy, and must keep informed about changes that may be carried out in the policy. On the last page of the policy, at its end, the date on which the policy was last updated will appear.
The customer hereby waives any claim and/or right and/or demand that s/he may have and/or will have against the company in connection with the policy and/or its changes.

  1. Legality of the policy in the case of an unlawful stipulation:

If a condition or stipulation in the policy is found by a legal court or other qualified jurisdictional body to be illegal or unenforceable, the remaining conditions and stipulations in the policy will still be valid.
If some of the conditions or stipulations in this policy are determined by a legal court or other qualified jurisdictional body as illegal or unenforceable, or are deleted, the remaining conditions and stipulations will still be valid.