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Physicians and parents recommend the bris milah kit

Mrs. Lisa Faigin

Nurse at a health fund clinics and mother of Adam

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to carry out the brit according to the standards I am used to in the hospital.
My name is Lisa Faigin. I am 36 years old and a nurse by profession. I have a BA and I work in a women’s health center run by Clalit health services in Modi’in. I am the mother of Adam, who is one month old.
After I gave birth to my son I started to understand my neighbor – an older woman and grandmother. Each time I met her on the paths of my moshav and asked how she and her grandchildren were, she would always answer, “They should only be healthy”. When the time came to perform the brit mila for little Adam, I started to look into the process. It is important to me that my child not be exposed to diseases such as hepatitis or herpes, which can be transmitted by non-sterile utensils used for the brit. The doctor and mohel, Dr. Ron Gilad, referred me to the internet site of the company that produces and markets the brit mila kits. These kits have utensils for single use, and include all the necessary items. You can order a kit on the site and receive it at home within hours . As soon as I received the kit, I looked at Adam sleeping calmly in my arms and felt that I was the best mother in the world, knowing that he will get through the brit mila safely.

Dr. Yehuda Attias recommends the “Mila Tova” kit

Gynecologist, mohel, physician

Rabbi Haim Moshe Weissberg

Expert mohel and national supervisor of mohels for the Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Expert mohel and national supervisor of mohels for the Chief Rabbinate of Israel
The commandment of mila follows the seven mitzvot given to the sons of Noah. The commandment of the brit is unique for our forefather Abraham and his descendants. This everlasting covenant, which is stamped in our flesh, demonstrates the unbreakable connection between Abraham’s descendants and the Creator. During our most difficult times, the Jewish people have never broken this covenant. We have upheld this tradition that has been passed from generation to generation according to the rules of halacha, hygiene, and with the professionalism acquired by the mohels over the ages. Many millions have been circumcised by this traditional method, and this is proof of its success.
The authorized mohels of our generation are under the supervision of the government Committee for Supervision of Mohels, and attend study days and workshops. The mohels keep up to date with the latest innovations in science, medicine, utensils, and advanced healing materials, cleanliness, and sterilization according to strict standards, including a high-quality disposable sterile set of utensils.
Parents who are concerned about their babies choose a licensed mohel and/or an expert with a certificate attesting to his competence. Due to upholding this commandment as it should be performed, may we merit “Remembering the covenant of the forefathers for the children.”

Mr.Yona Metzger, Chief Rabbi of Israel
Rabbi Yosef David Weisberg Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Mahfoud Rabbi Gedalia Schreiber
Rabbi Ben Zion Mutzafi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Rabbi Mordechai Sasson
Rabbi Moshe Weisberg