What Is a Sterile Bris Milah Kit?

A sterile disposable brit mila kit – the only one authorized by the Ministry of Health

A kit that includes circumcision utensils for disposable use only, in a sterile package. Helps to prevent infectious diseases during the brit (ritual circumcision).


As parents who wish to organize the ceremony in the best way possible, we must realize that besides the need to choose a licensed mohel, we also have the responsibility to take all possible steps to protect our children during the brit, which is actually a surgical operation and is performed in an exposed location.
The Mila Tova kit contains all the utensils necessary for carrying out the brit according to the hygiene requirements of the Ministry of Health, and following halacha (Jewish law). For reusable utensils, the directives of the Ministry of Health require sterilization in a sterilization machine. As the utensils in the Mila Tova kit have never been used, they prevent any possibility of the baby being infected by disease due to exposure to unsterilized utensils.
What is special about this kit?

The kit contains disposable stainless steel utensils that meet international standards, sealed in a vacuum pack that has never before been used. Therefore there is no fear of the baby being infected by an infectious disease, such as herpes, during the cutting.
Mila Tova is the only brit mila kit that is authorized by the Ministry of Health and the Chief Rabbinate.

Brit mila with a disposable sterile kit
Brit mila without a sterile kit